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Business Projects Portfolio

Amy has worked with CEOs, other top-level executives, and many departments (Marketing, Product Development, Supply Chain, Finance, Regulatory, Operations, Maintenance, IT, HR, Purchasing, etc.) within an organization. 

As a Relationship Builder, Amy is known for leading and motivating teams while building effective partnerships.  She has always strived to understand the needs of her internal and external customers while meeting or exceeding their expectations.
Using her strong organizational skills,  Amy has proven results in project management, process development, and problem resolution in high-pressure situations. 

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Defined non-GMO Strategy for business.


Converted 158 products (20 Branded products) across 3 plants.


Impacted over $30M in Total Sales.

non-GMO Strategic Planning

  • Defined marketing priorities.

  • Completed assessments (ingredients, plants, and products).

  • Developed priority conversion list based on assessment.

  • Presented findings to marketing for a decision on market alignment.

non-GMO Project Verification

  • Identified key stakeholders in 11 departments and 3 plants.

  • Defined major milestones.

  • Developed project charter.

  • Created project team.

  • Developed 3 plant assessments.

  • Developed ingredients assessment based on all products converted.

  • Developed ingredient & product tracker.

  • Developed process flow:  Ingredient Assessment to Updating Product Information.

  • Developed process flow:  Completing non-GMO Project Verification.

  • Developed process flow:  non-GMO Approach.

  • Developed process flow:  Ingredient Assessment to Plant Readiness.

  • Reviewed developed processes with project team.

  • Developed project plan with timelines.

  • Identified risks and solutions.

  • Determined priority and timing based non-GMO project verification approval of products, ingredients, formulas, artwork and packaging.

  • Tracked and documented progress.

  • Compiled costs.

  • Consolidated lessons learned and discussed with project and executive team.


A variety of projects/programs increased speed to market and annual savings.


Realized $4M in Sales for launched products by defining timeline and tracking results.

15-20% improvement in speed to market.


Realized $1M in Annual Savings.


Commerciali-zation Process

  • Identified key stakeholders in 18 departments.

  • Interviewed departments and key stakeholders.

  • Defined major milestones.

  • Created a project team of senior leaders.

  • Created individual and cross-functional departmental process flows.

  • Combined process flows together, creating a full process.

  • Reviewed the commercialization process with key stakeholders and identified gaps.

  • Negotiated cross-functional process steps, owners & timelines.

  • Sign off by key stakeholders.

  • Developed commercialization checklist, which mirrored process flow and included roles & responsibilities and tools to use.

  • Developed a customer project checklist, which identified questions to be addressed in order to develop a unique timeline based on the customer's needs.

  • Developed change management plan.

  • Developed a  presentation to communicate to all teams.

IREP Butter Program

  • Developed a plan to track and monitor butter received from New Zealand to be used in US croissant products.

  • Reviewed documentation and policies on the government program.

  • Researched similar programs, interviewed users, and defined what worked v. didn't work.

  • Provided research and initial thoughts to the Project Owner on government requirements.

  • Defined expectations and timing with Project Owner

  • Developed Program Process Flow with Project Owner.

  • Identified key stakeholders in 11 departments.

  • Defined roles & responsibilities.

  • Created project team.

  • Facilitated kick-off meeting, which defined program details to project team.

  • Walked through IREP streamlined process flow.

  • Aligned roles & responsibilities and timing with government policies.           

  • Documented scope, timelines, and next steps. 

  • Identified risks and solutions.

  • Identified frequency of reviewing program changes.    

  • Turned IREP program over to the Project Owner.        

Customer Product Launch

  • Asked by executive team to step in an get project on track which was under a tight deadline.

  • Documented major milestones, activities, timing and owners.

  • Assisted sales coordinator in facilitation of meetings.

  • Developed project plan with timelines.

  • Developed dashboard for project and executive team.

  • Once meetings and project were under control, I handed project back to sales coordinator.

  • Provided executive team with updates on progress until they felt comfortable it was on track.

Samples Program

  • The goal was to identify why samples program was over budget and identify solutions.

  • Identified key stakeholders in 8 departments.

  • Interviewed stakeholders on what worked v. didn't work.

  • Reviewed data and documented risks and recommendations.


Company name change touched every facet of the business, including systems, signage, uniforms, vendors, customs, and financial and regulatory requirements.


Packaging name change impacted all direct marketing materials, including corrugate, labels, and bags/film.


50% improvement in write-off costs.

Company Name Change in US and Canada

  • Identified key stakeholders in 17 departments

  • Defined major milestones

  • Defined roles & responsibilities

  • Created project team

  • Documented 420 activities and defined owners

  • Developed project plan with timelines

  • Identified risks and solutions

  • Tracked and documented progress

  • Developed dashboard for executive team

  • Compiled key messages to internal and external customers

  • Provided close out report to executive team.

Packaging Name Change

  • Identified key stakeholders in 8 departments

  • Defined major milestones

  • Defined roles & responsibilities

  • Developed project charter

  • Created project team

  • Documented current packaging process

  • Identified activities and defined owners

  • Identified risks and solutions

  • Documented financial impact

  • Provided weekly update from project team to executive team

  • Provided close out report to executive team with final financial impact


Variety of experiences with system implementations, including migration of systems, QA testing, and business leader on ERP implementation.


Company-wide global sales rollout in an unprecedented timeframe with

CRM System Implementations.

ERP System Implementation

  • PMO and Business Readiness Lead for IT Systems integration including SAP to Oracle.

  • Worked with departments to ensure their needs were understood by the consultants.

  • Managed business needs, found solutions and escalated critical issues.

  • Developed and managed issues and risk log.

  • Reported progress to management.

  • Developed dashboard for project and executive team.

  • Provided weekly updates for team and management.

  • Developed Decision, Issue and Risk Dashboard to address readiness for Go Live.

  • Communicated to consultants and leadership the readiness of the business for Go Live.

  • Tracked issues post close until business signed off.

eSales CRM System Implementation

  • Participated in global planning meeting to define goals and objectives.

  • Developed global training documents.

  • Documented processes, policies and procedures between old and new systems.

  • Developed QA test plan and scenarios from functional specification document.

  • Tested and documented scenarios.

  • Communicated test results to developers.

  • Signed off CRM system readiness for Go Live.

Migration of 10 Sales Teams to global CRM System

  • Documented decommissioning of 10 legacy systems.

  • Developed process flows on how each department worked.

  • Worked with businesses on getting systems decommissioned.

  • Led communication between sales teams and IT developers.

  • Completed migration of sales systems into company CRM application.•     


Tracked, documented, and provided updates to the executive team.


Acquisitions closed successfully, on time, and identified synergies.

Company Preparation for Sale

  • Collaborated with 12 departments to identify and complete activities that needed to be complete prior to acquisition.

  • Documented 576 activities and defined owners.

  • Developed activities tracker and issue log.

  • Identified risks and solutions.

  • Tracked and documented progress.

  • Tracked and documented issues.

  • Developed dashboard for executive team.

  • Closed out  activities prior to acquisition close.

100 Day Post Plan Program

  • Identified actions and projects associated with the 100 day plan.

  • Identified prioritization of 30 executive identified projects.

  • Identified and compiled synergies with 3 business units.

  • Tracked and documented progress.

  • Developed dashboard for executive team.

  • Closed out activities on dashboard prior to close.


Coordinated over 20 events, including annual shareholder meetings, board meetings, leadership meetings, and acquisition meetings for up to week-long conferences with 100 associates.

Managed budgets of up to $200K by coordinating and facilitating strategic off-sites at executive and senior leadership levels to develop the right initiatives and vision.

Senior Leadership Meeting

  • Defined expectations with president (location, budget, size and duration of meeting).

  • Identified key stakeholders in 10 departments.

  • Developed project plan with timelines.

  • Provided estimated budget.

  • Facilitated main and multiple breakout meetings for 4-day conference.

  • Provided final budget actuals.

  • Consolidated lessons learned and reviewed with president.

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