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Amy has worked with CEOs, other top-level executives, and many departments (Marketing, Product Development, Supply Chain, Finance, Regulatory, Operations, Maintenance, IT, HR, Purchasing, etc.) within an organization. 

As a Relationship Builder, Amy is known for leading and motivating teams while building effective partnerships.  She has always strived to understand the needs of her internal and external customers while meeting or exceeding their expectations.
Using her strong organizational skills,  Amy has proven results in project management, process development, and problem resolution in high-pressure situations. 

Business Projects Portfolio

Rustic Bread


Impacted $30M+ in Total Sales

• non-GMO Strategic Planning

• non-GMO Project Verification

∞ Defined non-GMO Strategy 

∞ Converted 158 products (20 branded products) across 3 plants

Writing on yellow post-it notes


​20% Speed-To-Market Increase

Realized $1M in Annual Savings

Realized $4M in Increased Sales

• Commercialization Process

• Butter Sourcing Program

• Customer Product Launch

• Samples Program

∞ Developed program to track and monitor New Zealand butter received in Canada to be used in US croissant products.

∞ Developed process of a product from conception of idea to shipment of product.


∞ Launched products by defining timelines and tracking results.

Open Book


50% Improvement in Write Off Costs

• Company Name Change

• Packaging Name Change

Company name change on two entities in two countries.


Changes included systems, signage, uniforms, vendors, customs, and financial and regulatory requirements.


Packaging name change impacted all direct marketing materials, including corrugate, labels, and bags/film.



Business Readiness Leader

Companywide Global Sales Rollout

• ERP System Implementation

• CRM System Implementation

• Migration of 10+ sales teams to one global CRM platform

∞ SAP to Oracle Implementation 

∞ Converted 158 products (20 branded products) across 3 plants

∞ Enterprise CRM global rollout

two hands trying to connect couple puzzle piece with sunset background. Jigsaw alone woode


Identified Synergies

Successfully Met Timelines

• Company Preparation for Sale

• 100-Day Post Sale Plan Program

Launched products by defining timelines and tracking results.

Supported SSA Global IPO and sale of SSA Global to Infor Global.

Supported sale of Fort James Corporation to Georgia-Pacific Corporation



Managed budgets up to $200K

• Senior/Executive Leadership Meetings

Coordinated 20+ events, including annual shareholder, board, leadership, and acquisition meetings for up to week-long conferences and 100 associates.

Facilitated strategic off-sites at executive and senior leadership levels to develop the right initiatives and vision.

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