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As a licensed fiduciary, I have come into contact with numerous individuals and families that are struggling to manage the affairs of a loved one who has become physically frail, or mentally incapacitated. Often, those persons, in need of assistance, have neglected their financial affairs, housekeeping, and self-care.  My Estate Needs offers a detailed and focused approach, which will enable you to prioritize and focus on the most important tasks, while organizing the documents you will need for the ongoing provision of services. This approach helps reduce the stress that may otherwise overwhelm a person who has not had similar responsibilities. "

Roger Coventry / Managing Member / Director Childers & Coventry, LLC

"I witness many families as they work through difficult life transitions and have always admired Amy’s approach to these situations.  Her attention to detail, leadership and task management while never faltering on compassion and empathy is exceptional."

Tina Carlson / Director Resident Services / Proctor Place ~ Peoria, IL

"Amy spends great deal of effort in planning out projects and activities. This not only ensures smooth sailing of the project but also accounts for obstacles and contingency plans. Above all, the stakeholders are very clear on the direction and next steps. "

Satish Guttikonda / Senior Director, Strategy (former) / Grupo Bimbo

"Amy can understand a problem and find a solution.  She created a comprehensive checklist for all my international and domestic travel needs.  When I head to the airport, I know I have everything and can focus on other important topics.  She is efficiently organized."

Clare Black / General Manager (UK, FR, NL) / Delta Air Lines

"When Amy’s father passed, her mother would talk about being overwhelmed.  Amy was always there helping her and she started to seem more relieved that everything was organized as she needed and that she could keep up with everything.  It allowed her to be more independent."

Jo Palmer/ Family Friend

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